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Four players shooting through hordes of zombies in post-apocalyptic New York.

“Ugh.. Another zombie game?”​

We know, you probably already offer one of the many zombie games in your arcade. So why should you care?​

We are not just a software company, but a VR arcade creating games!​

Vrilliant started out as an arcade. Disillusioned with how bad home-market games transferred to a VR arcade, we developed Rotten Apple from the ground up for arcades.​

“So what does it do for me?”​

Below are the most common issues among VR arcades with VR content and how Rotten Apples resolves that.​


It’s never fun to pull customers out of a partly finished game and send them home. It’s almost equally annoying when customers finish a game in a very short time and then need more operator attention.​

Rotten Apple lasts consistently around 30-40, for beginners or proficient players alike. We achieved this with a difficulty system that dynamically adapts to player skills and a tightly timed story.​

Menu navigation​

Only arcade operators will know the experience of guiding a first-time VR user through a menu to set up a multiplayer session and select a game mode. It’s like guiding a blind person to fly an Airbus A380 for the first time.​

In Rotten Apple we reduced any menus to an absolute minimum, instead exposing a lot of options to be set at start-up. The menus the players do need to interact with are interactions with 3D objects like buttons and levers, which is more fun and intuitive for the players.​


A lot of great VR games are not accessible to VR arcades because their controls are too complex for first time VR users. Many VR arcade operators spend up to a third of the play time with explaining the controls.​

In Rotten Apple we reduced that time to 3 minutes! We achieved this by reducing the controls to grabbing, pulling the trigger and teleporting. These three controls are explained inside the game. This frees up game master time and allows more throughput.​

Motion Sickness​

People react very differently to motion in VR. Some are completely fine, while others get sick real fast. First-time VR customers don’t know before trying, which then might leave them disappointed and worst case demanding a refund.​

We tested and optimized Rotten Apple with people sensitive to motion sickness, with very good results. When offering Rotten Apple you can be sure that almost all of your customers will be able to play through the game.​


One of the most time-consuming parts of the game master job is helping players through tough spots in a game. It requires the game master to constantly monitor the game or if the game master is busy with other customers stops the game flow entirely. On the bottom line, more oversight means your arcade is less profitable.​

With Rotten Apple players can be left on their own. How did we achieve this? Small levels so players don’t get lost. Voiceovers and loading screens explaining the next steps. And a smart in-game help-system that detects if players are stuck and activates hints.​

We are convinced Rotten Apple will make your customers happy and the lives of your game masters easier.


For any questions or feedbacks, please do not hesitate to reach out to us under: info@vrilliant.ch

Rotten Apple can easily be licensed and is available for free on the following platforms: